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to the website for the Prophet of ConFree science fiction series.  I am the author of the six-book Soldier of the Legion sci-fi series, which attracted a lot of readers in 2011 when it was posted on Kindle.  The Soldier series is concluded, but we now have a new series with new characters and new adventures.  I love writing, and creating this new series is a labor of love.  

The third book in this series, Prophet and the Eye, has just been published and is now available for sale.

For information on the three books, please click on Prophet, Blood March or The Eye on the blue menu tabs at the top of this page.  

The first book, Prophet of ConFree, the second book, Prophet and the Blood March, and the third book, Prophet and the Eye, are now available in book or e-book versions at Booklocker, from Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iTunes and Kobo e-books as well.   Please see the 'News' page above for details on the latest developments.  Fun fun fun!

This website will expand as the new books become available.  If you read and liked the Soldier series, I'm sure you will enjoy the Prophet series as well.  I am already writing Book 4, so stand by for plenty of good reading and new adventures in years to come.

Happy reading! ConFree rules!


Photo of M101 from the Hubble Space telescope.  Credit for Hubble Image: NASA, ESA, K. Kuntz (JHU), F. Bresolin (University of Hawaii), J. Trauger (Jet Propulsion Lab), J. Mould (NOAO), Y.-H. Chu (University of Illinois, Urbana), and STSci.  Credit for CFHT Image: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope/ J.-C. Cuillandre/Coelum. Credit for NOAO Image: G. Jacoby, B. Bohannan, M. Hanna/ NOAO/AURA/NSF.  Used with permission.


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